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Why there is nothing like Melifloz Sarees?

The most loved garment, the saree is now being reimagined and reinvented. Every Melifloz saree designs are feminine to the core and effortlessly gorgeous. There is nothing like Melifloz sarees that gives pleasant experience for women.

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The Freedom of Movement.

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What Makes Saree A Saree?

Melifloz Sarees

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Walk. Run. Dance

That, above all, a saree should be absolutely easier, ready to wear, light weight, allow free arm movement, comfortable while walking, feel secure, and work friendly.

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Melifloz Virtual Trail Room feature allows
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Ready To Wear

No Rules. No Safety Pins.

Every Melifloz saree comes with pre-stitched pallu and pleats that allows wear a saree in less than 20 seconds.

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Flexible Delivery (India)

Choose when, where and how you want a order to be delivered. Buy online, pick-up at store or get the items delivered at your door step.

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No matter where you live. We ship worldwide. If your country does not appear in the country drop-down menu please contact us.

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Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in the Mobile App recommends clothes based on your body size, fit, shape and occasion.

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Fashion 2.0 - The Evolution of Saree

Speaking up on the future of fashion. A special message from Alex.

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Shop sarees from the range of fashion fabrics that perfectly flatters on your body whether its stretchy or comfortable from pure to blended fabrics.

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Melifloz new feature allows to choose sarees from a wide variety of colors for every seasons and occasions.
Find the the perfect color for you.

Every saree has a story to tell.
Saree suits every body type and every face.

A beautiful and one of the oldest form of clothing. Primary piece of clothing even in modern wardrobes. Worn traditionally and has great cultural significance. Elegantly covers entire body. Shows genuine body curves in the most dignified way. No other dress is as competent as the Saree.

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Now make every occasions memorable. Melifloz shopping feature allows you to shop by occasions to find the right clothes for the right occasions.

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Shop beautiful collection of bras, panties, shape-wear, and other women's inner wear in a range of shades, sizes and styles.

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