Investment Opportunity

The Revolutionary Tech Company to Break into the $B Fashion Market

The saree industry still has no single large player. The current Indian fashion industry is facing challenges to go Worldwide. Melifloz cutting edge and revolutionary saree design allow us to go beyond its geographical borders. 

Our convenient designs are global in style with better functionality and performance for the modern woman lifestyles. 

Capitalizing on Melifloz, which has much potential for Indian fashion to break into the Western market opportunity could be the difference between Melifloz that flourish in the coming years and those that can no longer compete. Not only Melifloz does capture mind and market share, but it is also a profitable business model.

The Market​

Saree is the Highest Selling Fashion Women Apparel in India

The global women’s apparel market reached $505 billion USD in 2015. Women’s wear market in India has been estimated at around $19 billion USD in 2017, and is expected to reach $40 billion USD by 2025. 

Ethnic wear accounts for a dominant 74% share of the women’s apparel market and is valued at 14–16 billion USD. The saree market alone contributed nearly 43% amounting to nearly $8.17 billion USD. This segment is expected to reach almost $17 billion USD in 2025. 

Top 10 Cities covers nearly 70% of the Indian Market India has been undergoing multiple changes, the rural to urban migration has led a large portion of people with discretionary income being concentrated in a few top tier cities.

Women's Apparel Market Size in India

The Predominant Category of Saree is Always in Fashion

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