Next Generation Fashion Brand
That Defines Modern Womanhood.

Melifloz is a tech-enabled premium fashion brand for sarees.

Melifloz designs, manufactures and sells iconic convenient formal and casual saree collections, as well as selected accessories.

Discover Quickly

Melifloz state of the art technology allows to discover quickly elegant and ready to wear sarees.

Instantly Try

Melifloz Virtual Trail Room feature allows user to try products instantly before buy them

Shop Anyway

From store to website, to mobile app offers the same and seamless experience every time.

Our Purpose

Our purpose 

is always the same as today from the inception of Melifloz; 

to design and develop innovative, sustainable, and convenient fashion products 

for every woman to define modern womanhood.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build a place where fashion is available for everyone that is most elegant, fashionable, versatile, and modern with global style.

Our vision is to be the lovable brand for the people on the planet; to be the most valuable fashion company in the world by having the greatest market cap.

About: Melifloz is a leading fashion platform for next-generation women's clothing.

More ways to shop: Find a Melifloz Store or Other Retail Store near you. Or call 1-800-MY-SAREE.